About Carlisle Baptist Church

At Carlisle we LOVE…

     Preaching of THE WORD of God

     Exalting JESUS in Worship

     Evangelizing a lost WORLD

EVERYONE is Welcome

     Families, Kids, Singles, Internationals,

     Men & Women in the Military


A Message from Our Pastor:

What would you think of a Church…..

* Where Asians, African-Americans, Hispanics and Caucasians all worshiped and worked together in the love of Christ?
* Where folks on food stamps sat next to folks driving Cadillacs and BMWs?
* Where there is a nursery full of babies and there are lots of young people and lots of Senior Adults too?
* Where they did Block Parties and VBS and AWANA, but never compromised on the Biblical message?

We think that’s how Church is supposed to be and WE LOVE IT! 

Come experience the love of Christ at Carlisle.

     For His Glory,
     Pastor Randy