Latest COVID-19 Update
The Church finds itself in a unique place given the spread of COVID-19. This page will have the latest updates from our church staff regarding any adjustments to programs or services.
Update November 1, 2020
We’re Making Strides
We are excited to announce some changes to our current schedule. We are moving from a multi-service format back to a single service with on-campus small groups. Sunday School classes will be available for all ages at 9:30 AM in their traditional on-campus locations. A single 10:45 AM Worship Service will follow in the Sanctuasium. 
We have heard from numerous members that have lamented the inability to worship with their entire faith family due to this virus. While the fight is not over, this is a stride we feel we can take to cautiously move toward normalcy. As we make this move, we do so with the following precautions and guidelines in place. 


Sunday School classes are free to choose to keep their current, alternate times and locations.

A couple of our classes have suggested that they are concerned by room sizes and ventilation. For worshippers in those age groups that show up for Sunday School at 9:30, they can attend other classes in their department. If necessary, Sunday School classes can opt to meet in their department’s main meeting areas  if necessary.

For those whose class may meet at 9:30, but they are uncomfortable with in-person gathering, they can be linked with one of the groups meeting at alternate times and locations.


Masks must be worn.

Due to limited distancing possibilities, masks must be worn- particularly in Sunday School classes, while travelling through the hallways, and while congregating before and after worship services. Once families are seated and the service begins, attendees can choose to remove their masks during service provided they are properly distanced from other families.

For those with health issues (i.e. cardio-pulmonary, respiratory or sensory issues) that prevent mask use, we understand those limitations. For those that fall into this category, we ask you’re your exercise your best judgment. Face shields are possible alternative. However, we also understand and respect health issues that prevent this option.

While some will find this uncomfortable, we respectfully ask that membership comply as a demonstration of love for the person next to you.

Temperature checks will be made for those in the preschool department.

Due to the inability of many of our preschoolers to wear masks, we would perform a no-touch temperature check on all workers and children as they check in to the nursery area.

Children or workers with a fever of 100.4 or higher would be asked to go home as a precautionary measure.


The unused room in the nursery area will be used as an isolation room for any children that become ill during class.

If children become ill during the course of the class, they would be separated from the remainder of the group and taken to a designated location while their parents are contacted to pick them up.


Members will be encouraged to remain at home if they are ill.

There is a great temptation to feel guilty for missing church services. However, as an act of love for those around you, those that are feeling ill should remain at home. This is not a COVID specific guidance, but should be a general practice.


In general, services will still remain touchless.

As much as possible, portions of the services that have been altered to limit physical touch will remain in place. Bulletins will be placed on the entry table for anyone to pick up on their way in. Ushers will assist in locating seating and assisting families with spacing.


Online worship will continue.

For those that are at-risk or uncomfortable with in-person gathering, we will continue our online broadcast of services on Facebook and YouTube.

We are thankful for God’s provision through this time and will continue to attempt to exercise caution and wisdom in the days ahead. We encourage you to exercise sound judgment and make the best decisions possible for you and your family. Whether in person or online, we look forward to worshipping with you soon.

On a Journey,

Pastor Josh