Music Ministries

Choir 5:30-6:10pm Wednesday nights
Praise team practice 7pm wednesday nights
Interested in joining our team? If you are a singer or instrumentalist please Contact Jacob Beaupre 
At Carlisle Baptist we strive to praise the Lord and worship Him through skillful music. Worship, soften the hearts of the unbeliever. Worship thrills the soul of the believer. Worship comforts the hurting and broken. The praise team, and choir know the seriousness of true worship. A type of worship that is done so in Spirit and in Truth. Our team also understands that worship is not just about music. Worship should be done not only on Sundays and Wednesdays but throughout the week.
Here’s a few ways we worship and praise the Lord throughout the week.  
“We praise the Lord with our continued thoughts and prayers to Him 
We praise the Lord through our continued repenting of sins and wrongdoings in our lives. 
We praise the Lord with our adoration towards Him. 
We praise the Lord with how we handle our inheritance that he has given us. 
We praise the Lord with our servanthood towards the kingdom of God. 
We praise the Lord with our expectations of things to come, our eternal Home in heaven. 
All of these things are an act of Worship and praise to our God.” 
We proclaim how great you are
and tell of the wonderful things you have done. (Psalm 75:1)